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Why Choose ThePadosi ?

The Padosi have a vision to provide a Location based Social Networking platform which will facilitate the Users to connect and interact with their Neighbours/Society Members.

Daily Feeds

Share your Visions & Thoughts with your Neighours .


Schedule your Events with your Neighours by Tagging them .


Raise the Campaign on Social issues and Be a Social Hero .


Get all the Daily Needed Services based on your Location .

Features & Details

Trying to Re-Organise the Social Interaction among Peoples.

Know & Connect your neighbours.

Some people are very fortunate to have great neighbours that they interact with every day but most of our friends don’t know their neighbours. If you’re one of the many you also have no idea who your neighbours are, I would like to suggest some benefits of befriending them.

Social Engineering

Now you can raise social issues with support of your community members or individually,directly to the authorised person.Which increases chances of getting the problem solved by multiple times.

Buy-Sell Feeds

Buying or selling is more effective, efficient and reliable if the feeds are from the same locality.

Know your Administrators

Sometimes especially in India we run here & there without knowing which specific problem can be solved by which authorised person,this consumes a lot of time and effort which led us either to give up or to contact some social brokers, which results in unnecessary efforts and money.

Know your politicians

Specially in India there is a very large gap between politicians and the people,Which results in a non/under performing governance .Now get in touch with your politicians directly and compel them for promising services.

Hot Deals

Now you don’t need to go away to avail a deal, avail exciting deals in your area.

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It surely enable Us to Release Our full Potential for Personal,Social and Regional Success. Our Region only get better when we get Better .

Our Team

We're a team to Keep Our Neighbours close - Services closer

Manoj Singh

Software Developer

Divakar Shukla

CEO & Founder

Richa Singh

Business Development Head



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