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Raise your Collective Voice for Social Change . .

Who are we?

We're a group of technocrats trying to bring actual meaning of Democracy in India where the power is equally distributed among all.

Connect & Interact your neighbours.

ThePadosi provides a platform to connect and interact with neighbours. This leads towards various mutual benefits such as Safe environment, Good social life, Errand help, Moral Upgradation, Business connections just to name a few.

Have an issue? Raise a Campaign

Our platform allows you to create a campaign against any societal issues.Once the raised campaigns get the required support, our team analyses it and process them to concerned authorities and take regular follow-ups untill the solution is provided.

Get Set Go !

ThePadosi is a mobile enabled civic-tech platform enabling people to raise their collective voice in front of their respective authorities either they are Politicians or Government officials .

Daily Feeds

The best thing we can give to our upcoming generations is a healthy & safe neighbourhood to learn and grow their values .Let's Connect & interact with neighbours on ThePadosi to make it happen !


Plan a quick meetup or event with neighbours to maintain a joyful and interactive environment in the locality.


Raise/support your societal issues as campaigns on ThePadosi and get the resolution of your problems by concerned authorities .


Get the listing & reviews of in-locality services providers.

Download & Get your voice heard !

Let's make our authorities accountable and system efficient by raising collective voice against the societal issues. If the campaign is found genuine,it'll be directly redirected to the concerned authorities. When a mass is backing an issue it becomes a movement and chances of resolution becomes higher.We make sure that each & every voice is heard.


Divakar Shukla

CEO & Founder

Richa Singh

Business Development Head

Manoj Singh

Software Developer



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ThePadosi , Atal Incubation Centre , Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306




ThePadosi , Atal Incubation Centre , Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306
+91 - 9650955251

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